Bus Stop Bible Studies

 Research shows that gospel ads are one of the most effective ways to proclaim God's Word as they provide 24/7 exposure; and an impression and retention rate of over 80% to viewers


Please go to www.whyjesusmedia.com for compelling evidence and benefits for becoming a follower of Jesus. ____________________________________________________________________ 

The ABC's of Salvation
A- Acknowledge that you are a lost sinner in need of a Saviour. Luke 5:32; Luke 19:10; Romans 3:23
B- Believe with your heart that Jesus died for you and rose to give you a new life in himself. Romans 10:9b
C- Confess Christ publicly and openly as your Lord and Saviour through repentance and confession. Matthew 18:3; Luke 13:3; Romans 10:9a,13
Pray the Sinner's Prayer of Salvation
"Dear Jesus, I totally surrender myself to you and ask you to take control of my whole life. I repent of my sins and turn away from my ways to only follow you. I come to the end of myself and give my whole life to you. I truly believe you died in my place to take away my sins and I place my faith and trust in you alone. I believe you rose from the dead to give me new life and make me a new person in you.  I publicly confess you as my Lord and Saviour and commit my whole life to following, loving and serving you. Thank you for saving me and setting me free from sin, self and satan's deceptions. My life now belongs to you,  so take control of me Lord Jesus! Amen!"
Partnering together to present
the Gospel on transit

Bus Stop Bible Studies exists to present the Good News, the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ, to Canadians using all forms of public transit advertising. Will you sponsor a gospel ad today and help take the gospel to all Canadians? 

Bus Stop Bible Studies has been advertising the gospel on transit throughout the GTA, Ontario and several other provinces for the last 14 years. We have placed over 10,000 gospel ads that have made over one billion impressions with two of those campaigns going viral. Many lives and souls have been saved as a result of partnering together to publiclly sow God's Word within our communities. You can sponsor 10 interior panels for 6 months on buses within Toronto, York & Durham region for only $901.75.  Contact us today to inquire about other gospel advertising options on transit within any city or town in Ontario.

Bus Stop Bible Studies will be changing its name to We the Church Media (www.wethechurchmedia.org) within the year and will continue to operate as an operating name and division of our ministry. To book a BSBS presentation for your church please contact us at: (416) 731-6120 or info@wethechurchmedia.org.  Check out and share our promotional ministry video at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_78Q3bwhDB8


Making an eternal investment in souls by publicly sowing God's Word

You can donate online at: Canada Helps to Bus Stop Bible Studies or Why Jesus Media to see lives and souls saved from abortion, suicide, addictions, unbelief and spiritual death. You can also donate by cheque at the address below. Thank you for your donations and monthly support to which is making an eternal investment in souls through the public sowing of God's Word within your community. Research shows that public advertising is one of the most effective ways to get the gospel message out to the general public. 

Bus Stop Bible Studies
Box 364- 1920 Ellesmere Road
Scarborough ON, M1H 3G1
Tax reciepts will be issued at year end for donations over $20

 Expanding our advertising options through a new ministry division

Why Jesus Mediais now a division of Bus Stop Bible Studies which is advertising or sharing God's Word on community billboards, benches and bins. Anyone can sponsor a Gospel Ad including, churches, groups/teams of believers, ministries or businesses. Partner together with us today to publicly sow God's Word with your communities to see souls saved. For information on booking presentations for your church please go to www.whyjesusmedia.com

Index page

Our Ministry Team

David Harrison, Founder
Mike Cameron, Acting President
Carol Blake, Administrative Assistant
John Gardner, Public Relations Director
Margaret Elliot, Field Evangelist
Barbara Mcleod, Field Evangelist
Brad Farkas, Outreach Representative
Sharron Mundle, Ministry Representative
Joseph Vaillancourt, Ministry Representative


2020 Price lists: 

The special discounts below are exclusive to Bus Stop Bible Studies with over 50% off the regular prices for advertising on transit within the GTA (Toronto, Durham or York region). Prices for advertising on transit companies outside the GTA are compatible with the list below.  For more details please e-mail us at: info@wethechurchmedia.org


Transit ads for 6 months/24 weeks (All options are 24wks in length but could be extended for free if space remains open)

Option 1: 10 interior bus/subway panels on TO, York or Durham transit for 6 months @ $901.75

Option 2: 1 exterior bus back panel on TO, York or Durham tranist for 6 months @ $1,542.50

Option 3: 1 exterior bus side panel on TO, York or Durham transit for 6 months @ $3,045


Transit ads for 3 month/12 Weeks: Combination of options for a $5,000 sponsorship. (All options are 12wks in length but could be extended for free if space remains open)

Option 1: Bus/subway interiors- 50 posters

Option 2: Bus backs- 4 posters

Option 3: Station poster-2 posters

Option 4: Station poster- 1 poster and bus backs- 2 posters

Option 5: Bus/subway interiors- 25 posters and Station poster- 1 poster


Note: The above pricing and duration represents a discount of over 50% that is exclusive through our ministry and our partnership with Pattison Outdoors.  Regular pricing are based on 4 weeks with packages staring at 16 weeks.  

Regular Prices:

1. Interior bus panels: $75 each plus $25 production cost & HST

Rental & Production cost: $100 X 4 months (16 wks)= $400 + HST(13%) = $452

2. Interior subway panels: $125 each plus $30 production cost & HST

Rental & Production cost: $155 x 4 months (16 wks) = $620 + HST (13%) = $700.60

3. Exterior bus back: $475 each plus $100 prodcution cost & HST

Rental & Production cost: $575 x 4 months (16 wks) = $2,300 + HST (13%) = $2,599

4. Exterior bus side: $600 each plus $100 production cost & HST

Rental & Production cost: $700 x 4 months (16 wks) = $2,800 + HST (13%) = $3,164

5. Exterior street car side: $1,250 each plus $100 production cost & HST

Rental & Production cost: $1,350 x 4 months (16 wks) = $5,400 + HST (13%) = $6,102

6. Station posters: Non-downtown- $1,500 each plus $100 production cost & HST. Downtown- $2,000 each plus $100 production cost & HST

Rental & Production cost: $1,600 x 4 months (16 wks) = $6,400 + HST (13%) = $7,232 (Non-downtown). Rental & Production cost: $2,100 x 4 months (16 wks) = $8,400 + HST (13%) = $9,492 (Downtown)


GTA Billboard Pricing

1 billboard for 4 weeks @ $1,900 (Regular price $3,500) Note: This is the average cost for a billboard in the GTA. Some billboards could be more depending on their location.)

Rural Billboards outside the GTA 

1 billboard for 4 weeks from $1,100 - $1,500


Pricing for Litter bins and community benches

$1,260 to $$3,675 depending on the location for 12 months

Provider: Creative Outdoors


Pricing for Letter board signs

$340-$400 per month

(Letter board signs can only accommodate a limited amount of words without photos).


Note: All transit Ads will featured the Bus Stop Bible Studies logo and all Gospel ads on billboards, litter bins, benches and letter board signs will feature the Why Jesus Media (whyjesusmedia.com). Bus Stop Bible Studies and Why Jesus Media are divisions of We The Church Media. (wethechurchmedia.org)


Please call us today at: (416) 731-6120 to donate or sponsor your gospel ads on transit, billboards, litter bins or benches for your church and community. Your donations and sponsorships are making an eternal investment in souls.


Please send your sponsorship cheques to the address below.

Bus Stop Bible Studies 

Box 364 - 1920 Ellesmere Road  

Scarborough, ON M1H 3G1


Important Notice: Free english Bibles, tracts, outreach cards and gospel merchandise are now only being offered through church events where Bus Stop Bible Studies (BSBS) is participating. To book our in-kind event support for any of your church events or worship services please contact us: (416) 731-6120 



If there is any change in pricing subsequent to a sponsorship order being received, the sponsor will be notified promptly of any such change and have the right to cancel prior to confirmation and commencement of production and/or posting.