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The 'studies' shown below may be sponsored by any individual, church, ministry or business that is in agreement with the Values Statement.

 051-Looking for God-Jeremiah-29-13-14 

052-Jesus calms the storm-Mark-4-35-41 

 053-Meditating on God's Word-Psalms-1-1-3 

 054-Meditating on God's Word-Psalms-1-1-3 

 055-No sin is beyond saving grace of God-Luke-23-39-43 

 056-Proof of God's existance-2 Corinthians-5-17 

 057-Do you don't you-1 John-5-11-12 

058-Salvation is a gift-Ephesians-2-8-9 


 060-Seek life-John-10-10 


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