TTC Subway Car Domination

Commencing November 10, 2015, Bus Stop Bible Studies launched its first TTC subway car domination.

A 'domination campaign' is where all the advertising space in a single vehicle is purchased.  

The campaign is scheduled to run for a total of 24-weeks and will reach an average of 7,000 passengers per week on the north/south line.

It is our hope that many, many individuals will be encouraged by the messages they read, which will not be lost in the clutter other advertising.

The campaign comprises the posting of 28 Standard Interior panels and 16 20"x28" wall panels located beside each set of doors.

If you have been encouraged by reading the study panels we would love to hear from you.  Please use the I Like Your Studies page and take a moment to like us on Facebook.  If you have a concern with any of the posted content please refer to the I Have A Concern page.

Shown below are copies of each on the 'studies' that have been posted: