Super Interiors (Double-Width) Panels


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Super interior panels measure 70” wide by 11” high (there are exceptions).  These panels can be displayed inside buses, streetcars, LRT vehicles and subway cars.

As with the Standard Interior panels, this is one of the most economical products to reach the travelling public. Public transit has a very high youth demographic making these panels especially effective in reaching young people.

The key feature of a Super Interior panel is that there is space for a significant amount of text (up to 300-words).  A Super Interior Bible study panel comprises an eye-catching graphic, Scripture verse(s), a thought-provoking statement or question relating to the Scripture, space to identify the sponsoring individual or organization and contact information for Bus Stop Bible Studies.

In larger cities bus rides and be well in excess of 30-minutes giving passengers lots of time and opportunity to meditate and think about what they are reading.

Posting durations are 16-weeks paid (plus 8-weeks bonus time subject to space availability for a total of 24-weeks) and 52-weeks (plus 12-weeks bonus time subject to space availability for a total of 64-weeks).

During a 24-week campaign each ‘study’ will be seen* between 48,000 and 260,000 times depending on the Transit Company or zone. During a 64-week campaign each ‘study’ will be seen between 128,000 and 720,000 times.

The cost can be as low as $1 per 1,900 impressions.

* Source: BBM RTS Spring 2012 SM Research.