Is rejecting God a sin?

Is rejecting God a sin?

It seems strange that a "matter of choice" should be asked in such a way. If choosing to reject God is a sin, then what is the opposite, that is to accept Him?

Sin is an often misunderstood word. Sin means "to miss the mark" or "to miss the target" as it was used in Old English archery. So, when we sin it means we are falling short of the standards God has established. The English word 'trespass' is perhaps a more appropriate word in most instances as it infers a willful act of disobedience [evil]. Another word used in the Bible is 'transgression', which is used to describe non-intentional actions that are contrary to God's standards.

Some would say that rejecting God is the only 'unforgivable sin'. It should probably be argued that rejecting God is not a sin but never-the-less, as any physicist will tell you, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction (Newton's Third Law). In the spiritual world the reality is the same. There are two equal and opposite reactions recorded in the Bible:

  1. If you choose to accept God and the gift of salvation He offers, He accepts you. In fact God goes even further - He adopts you as his own child!
  2. If you choose to reject God and the gift of an intimate relationship that He offers, He will not force himself upon you. In this instance the opposite reaction is permanent [eternal] and total separation. Remember, it is you rejecting God, not the other way around.


Even though there are countless "unanswerable questions" out there, the Bible teaches that there is more than enough evidence in nature to show the existence of God "so that YOU are without excuse". As King David taught thousands of years ago, "It is a fool who says in his heart 'there is no God.'"

The consequences of rejecting God are clearly articulated throughout the pages of Scripture; that is why Jesus describes Hell (total separation from God for all eternity) in such horrifying and graphic detail.

God looks at the heart and knows all things. God is totally righteous in all He does and no one who accepts Him will be rejected. No one will end up in Hell except by one's individual choice.

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