Individual Sponsorship

A 'sponsorship' is a donation which enables us to place a Bus Stop Bible Study panel on any public transit vehichle.

Bus Stop Bible Studies is a registered charity and Individual Sponsorships are treated as donations and charitable tax receipts are issued for the full amount.

As a sponsor you may have the following information included on each panel:

  • Sponsored by [sponsor’s first and last name]
  • Sponsored in memory of [provide first and last name]
  • Sponsored by a friend of Bus Stop Bible Studies
  • Receive a Free Bible [Bibles are provided to Bus Stop Bible Studies by the Canadian Bible Society]1
  • Your church identification2

You may choose from any of the [pre-approved] studies found on this website.

You may request to have a ‘study’ created using your favorite verse(s). Such requests may be made by contacting Bus Stop Bible Studies. Custom studies may require the approval of individual transit companies (or their agency) prior to posting. Custom studies must conform to the Bus Stop Bible Studies Values Statement. 

1 For each sponsored panel offering FREE BIBLES we request a donation of $50 per panel to cover the cost of mailing six Bibles (estimated response) in addition to the cost of sponsoring each panel.

2 Permission from the church leadership is required along with a signed Values Agreement.