There are minimum order requirements for each transit company (10 to 50 depending on location) and subway postings (5-minimum of any one design), in which case orders are compiled until the minimum posting requirements are met. In new territories a number of churches are encouraged to combine efforts to meet the minimum order requirements. Contact Bus Stop Bible Studies for confrimation prior to ordering.

For individuals the minimum order quantity is one but, if the sponsorship is for a specific city or town, there may be a requirment to combine the sponsored panels with others and as a consequense posting dates cannot be guaranteed.

Standard width panels are 35-inches wide by 11-inches high. Double-width panels (Super Interiors) are 70-inches wide by 11-inches high. Back-of-bus panels (Seventies) measure 70-inches wide by 21-inches high. For detailed information refer to the Styles and Sizes page.

16-weeks (or 52-weeks) are the guaranteed minimum duration. Depending on availability of unsold space most transit advertising agencies allow studies to remain on display for an additional 8-12 weeks at no additional cost.

It is suggested that churches sponsor one study for each church family represented per year. There are numerous ways to get the congregation involved in the program (see Question 17 for ideas).

Presently statistics are available only for the Toronto market. A bus or subway interior panel will be viewed approximately 120,000 times in 24-weeks. A back of bus Seventy display will be viewed approximately 420,000 times in 24-weeks.

Only occasionally is negative feedback received. The TTC received a total of five complaints in the first 6-months of studies being on display.  Sponsoring churches have never mentionedreceiving a single complaint.  When complaints are received it is generally concerning the principle of religious advertising rather than a complaint about a specific message.

A Domination Campaign is where a church, organization or business sponsors all the display space inside a bus or subway car and there is no other advertising inside that particular bus or subway car.

Sponsored studies are posted at the earliest opportunity. Subject to space availability, studies are typically posted within 4-weeks of receipt of order.

Yes, however minimum quantities may apply and sufficient notice must be given. Contact Bus Stop Bible Studies for more detail.

Yes, providing the church leadership is in agreement with and signs the Values Statement form. The individual must identify the church with their sponsorship application. Any individual may sponsor ‘anonymous’, Free Bible, or ‘In Memoriam’ studies.

The standard identification area is 6-inches wide by 5-inches high.

Yes, subject to the logo being a suitable format, by providing a high-resolution JPEG file (.jpg) 300dpi minimum. Sponsor information is printed in full-colour.

Generally the church name, street address, telephone number and website are shown. Within reasonable limits, other information such as worship times, reference to Alpha programs, kids' summer programs, special events, etc. can be included (maximum of 40-charachters including spaces).

Yes, all sponsoring churches receive a free web listing. The church name is kept on the Bus Stop Bible Studies website (see Finding a Church) providing they have sponsored one or more studies in the preceding 24-months.  Whenever possible, Bus Stop Bible Studies will refer callers to a sponsoring church.


  • Become a Church Ambassador.
  • Post a link to Bus Stop Bible Studies on your church website.
  • Designate ‘Coffee Money’ for sponsoring Bus Stop Bible Studies.
  • Invite individual church members to commit to sponsoring one or more studies.  By making a personal commitment, individuals are more likely to engage transit riders in conversation when the opportunity arises.
  • Sunday School, Children’s Church and Youth Groups can design and sponsor child/teen-oriented studies.
  • Bible study groups, Seniors Groups, women’s and men’s Prayer Groups...  a group of eight people, contributing just $2 per week can collectively sponsor one study each month.

Yes. You may request your own verse or passage of Scripture. All studies must be approved by Bus Stop Bible Studies and the transit company or their advertising agency prior to posting.

Any one of the more modern translations or paraphrases of the Bible are typically used. Quoting Scriptures from the ’Old English’ translations is discouraged (but not refused) out of deference to those who will be reading them; often people for whom English is a second language.  Most of the 'studies' found on this website were created using the New Living Translation (NLT) or the New International Version (NIV).

Bus Stop Bible Studies is a non-denominational organization. The requirements (beliefs and values) for church sponsorship are identified in the Bus Stop Bible Studies Values Statement, applying to both Catholic and Protestant denominations.

Studies in Arabic, Armenian,Chinese, Farsi (Persian), Portuguese, Tamil, and Romanian have already been displayed. Some choose to post the Scripture in both English and another language.  Any pre-approved studies on this website may be translated into other languages. It is the responsibility of the sponsoring church to provide the necessary translation, font files and artwork.

The most frequently asked question is, “Can I have my sponsored panels posted on a specific bus route?” The short answer is, “No.” but you can choose a specific Zone.

Typically buses run out of a transit garage which services a specific Zone. Larger transit companies, such as in Toronto, Montreal or Calgary, may have as many as 12-zones with a few hundred buses in each Zone. Individual buses are not dedicated to serving specific routes but they do stay within specific Zones. Smaller transit companies typically have only a single Zone.

For more information please visit the Transit Company Information section of this website.

In 2008, The Supreme Court of Canada ruled that no public transit company may disallow advocacy (political, religious, pro-life, etc.) advertising on its vehicles. Therefore, Bus Stop Bible Studies can display its material on any of the 106 Canadian Transit Companies providing it complies with generally accepted advertising standards.

The quick answer is yes. There is a lot of misinformation concerning religious freedoms. For more information see the following page.

It is the Church’s responsibility ‘scatter the seed’, for us that is to display the Word of God; the promotional opportunity is secondary to the mission. Amazing stories of how people who have responded to the studies and visited various churches have been received. We sum this up by saying, “At just the right time, just the right person, will get on just the right bus, sit in front of just the right message and a life will be changed for all eternity.” Such is the power of God’s Word.

David Harrison, President and founder of Bus Stop Bible Studies is available to make presentations to churches, fellowship groups, conferences, etc. Typically David will share his personal testimony, the story of Bus Stop Bible Studies and how one can participate in this extraordinary ministry. David is passionate about encouraging churches and individuals to live out their God-given dreams. Please contact us for more information.

Promotional material may be downloaded from the Downloads section of this website. Brochures are available in quantity directly from Bus Stop Bible Studies. A PowerPoint presentation and introductionary promotional video are also available.

Copies of any study can be purchased for display and promotion, complete with church, ministry or business identification.  Prices are FOB Scarborough, Ontario.

Standard Interior Panel 35" x 11" - $35

Super Interior Panel or PromoPanel 70" x 11" - $70

Back-of-bus Seventy Panel 70" x 21" - $100

Side-of-bus King Panel 130" x 30" (in 2-sections) - $175

Any church, Christian Ministry of Christian business that is in agreement with the Bus Stop Bible Studies Values Statement may be an identified sponsor.  Bus Stop Bible Studies welcomes the participation of any Catholic church, ministry or business that is in agreement with and signs the Bus Stop Bibe Studies Values Statement.  Bus Stop Bible Studies does not quote passages from the Apocrypha.