Is everyone forgiven?

Is everyone forgiven?

The simple answer is that God’s forgiveness is available to anyone who will receive it, so, in that sense the answer is "yes." Every single person who has ever lived has sinned but not everyone has availed themselves of God’s offer of forgiveness, so, in that sense the answer is "no." The stumbling block for everyone who rejects God offer is the same; it is pride.

God is totally holy and totally righteous and because of this no sin can come into his presence. Practically speaking this would mean that no one can be made right with God. While most people are "good people" no one is perfectly good and has never sinned. This is why he, God, who is perfect and without sin, came to earth in the person of Jesus Christ to become a perfect and acceptable sacrifice for our sin. When we accept Jesus as saviour God no longer "sees" our sin, instead He sees us through the righteousness of Jesus, who is perfect and without sin.

What about really bad people like mass murderers?

It surprises many that individuals who were once extremely evil people will be invited into Heaven while some supposedly ‘good people’ will not. Ted Bundy, Son of Sam and Jeffrey Dahmer were all serial killers of the worst kind and yet, by the grace of God, received Jesus' gift of life and His atoning sacrifice. If their confessions of faith in Jesus Christ are genuine, Ted Bundy (executed) and Jeffrey Dahmer (murdered in prison) are already in the presence of God and Son of Sam (serving a life sentence) will be on his way to Heaven one day in the future.

The Bible teaches that all have sinned and are in need of God’s forgiveness; this includes people that the world describes as good. But, the world is not the Judge – God is. Even Mother Theresa had to accept the forgiveness that comes through Jesus’ sacrifice. The Bible teaches that God will reject even the "best of the best" if they do not turn to Him for forgiveness.

The ultimate deathbed confession:

One never knows when their life on earth will end, it could be before this day has ended, but as long as one has breath, they have the opportunity to turn to Jesus. Two convicted criminals were executed at the same time as Jesus; there were two different responses. One died in his sin – the other joined Jesus in paradise that very day. No second chances to turn their lives around, no good works to "earn" their salvation. Just a simple acknowledgment and acceptance of who the thief was before God, and who Christ was, was all it took for the one, but this was rejected by the other. Read the whole narrative in Luke 23:26-43.

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