Church Sponsorship

Any Christ-centred church that is in agreement with the Bus Stop Bible Studies Values Statement may sponsor one or more Bus Stop Bible Studies.

While the primary focus is to scatter the seed of God’s Word, Bus Stop Bible Studies offers the secondary benefit that churches are able to promote themselves and their outreach programs to those who are being impacted1 by what they read.

Churches may choose from any of the [pre-approved] studies found on this website.

Churches may request to have a ‘study’ created using specific Bible verse(s). Such requests may be made by contacting Bus Stop Bible Studies. Custom studies may require the approval of individual transit companies (or their agency) prior to posting. Custom studies must conform to the Bus Stop Bible Studies Values Statement.

1The question most often asked by church leaders is, ‘How many people respond to the messages and how many people visit a sponsoring church as a consequence?’ Truthfully, there are no statistics available. Unless a visitor/newcomer is specifically asked or volunteers the information as to what brought them to a church, and this information is then relayed to Bus Stop Bible Studies, there can be no statistics. The ministry emphasizes the Church’s responsibility to scatter the Seed and rely on the working of the Holy Spirit to bear fruit; “This is why I [Jesus] told you that no one can come to me unless the Father has enabled them.” John 6:65 Please view the testimonies in the Promo Video.

1"You see, at just the right time, just the right person will get on just the right bus, sit in front of just the right message, and life will be changed for eternity."