became a Creationist Friday, March 5, 2010.  Since then I have had conversations with many devout Christians who still accept the non-Biblical worldview of evolutionary theory.  The evolutionary theorists have done such an effective job of promoting their viewpoint that many, including those in the church, consider evolution to be fact. For many, this can me a fatal wound (lie) to their faith journey.


I just purchased and viewed the new DVD EVOLUTION'S ACHILLES' HEELS produced by Creation Ministries International.  My motivation was to be able to present my friends with reasoned and convincing arguments that the Biblical account of Creation is not a fanciful whim of an old man written a few thousand years ago, but a logical and scientifically arguable account of how we, and all of Creation, came to be.


The video comprises interviews with 15 Ph.D's from around the world, many of whom came from a secular background, previously believed in evolutionary theory, and received their Ph.D's from secular universities.  The video is well produced and includes many excellent computer animations.


I have read several reviews of EVOLUTION'S ACHILLES' HEELS by evolutionary theorists.  They mostly condemn the video but without addressing the facts and arguments raised in this video - they simply decry it on the basis of watching the 60-second trailer and that 'evolution has already been proved.'  I would much rather they bring scientific rebuttals but apparently are unable or unwilling to do so.


The video adresses Natural Selection, Genetics, the Origin of Life, the Fossil Record, the Geological Column, Radiometric Dating, Cosmology and Ethical Implications.


As important as the main video content is, the personal testimonies of eight of the Ph.D scientists were the most profound for me.  For anyone watching the video I strongly urge them to view several of these testimonies PRIOR to viewing the main video. These testimonies provide the context (so important) for their contributions to this major project.


In summary, this is a 'must-watch' video for anyone who is interested in discerning Biblical truths and how they match up to the evidence they can reach out and touch.  Becoming a believer in the Biblical account of Creations does not require you to flush your brain down the drain with the bathwater.


(c) David Harrison 2015



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