Bible Study Groups and Resources

Just Starting Out...

If you are seeking to know about Jesus Christ, the God of the Bible, we encourage you to participate in an Alpha Course or Christianity Explored.  "You want to figure the God thing out but the walls of church are looking pretty high. What if you could wander into your local watering hole, relax for an hour and consider the meaning of life? Welcome to the Alpha course. Bring your appetite and your questions. We’ve got some exploring to do.  More than 19-million people around the world have participated in the Alpha Course and there are hundreds conducted across Canada each year."  Click on the city/town link below to find a Bible study group near you.

Digging Deeper...

If you are looking to for an in-depth Bible studey, Community Bible Studies International (CBSI) may be the programme for you.  CBSI Canada offers in-depth Bible Study classes where men, women, teens and children can learn about God and grow in faith. They welcome people from all backgrounds and with all levels of Bible knowledge.  For a list of locations and details click here.

Bible Study Groups

The following are maps of churches that host Bible study groups.  These groups are typically informal and focus on both the study of God's Word community relationship within the group.  They may meet together at a church or in an individual's home.  Bus Stop Bible Studies makes no representation regarding individual churches or groups other than that they have acknowledged and signed the Bus Stop Bible Studies Values Statement.

Map of Toronto (GTA) Bible Study Group locations.


Church and Ministry Listings:

If you would like to have your Bible study groups included on our inteactive map please download the information form (small speradsheet) and a signed and scanned Values Statement and email both to

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