Become A Church Ambassador

One of the most significant ways you can support the ministry of Bus Stop Bible Studies is to become a Church Ambassador.

Most pastors and church leaders do not use public transit on a regular basis, if at all, and may not even be aware of Bus Stop Bible Studies.  Their job typically necessitates them using a car to get around.  The ministry’s greatest proponents are those that use public transit on a regular basis and have a passion for the Word of God.

A Church Ambassador will promote Bus Stop Bible Studies to the church leadership, missions and outreach committee members and to the general congregation.

There are numerous ways in which you can promote participation in the Bus Stop Bible Studies Ministry:

  • Write or talk to the church leadership and explain to them what Bus Stop Bible Studies is, share how you may have been touched by reading a ‘study’, direct them to this website, etc.;
  • Ask to make a presentation to the congregation and show the short promotional video;
  • Display a couple of ‘study panels’ around the church;
  • Display a selection of Bus Stop Bible Study images before and after church services (see downloads);
  • Encourage home Bible study groups to chip in a couple of dollars each week so the group can directly sponsor one or more studies;
  • Organize a fundraising event specifically to place studies on behalf of your local Pregnancy Care Centre, etc.

While there are opportunities to use the Bus Stop Bible Study panels to promote your church and church programs, the emphasis must always be on placing the Word of God in front of the general public – our Target Audience.