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An individual who identifies him or her self as 21st Century posted the following: "Where do I go to ask them a question?  I really want to know why an all-loving omnipotent God would create a creature devoid of free will for the express purpose of opposing him so He can then punish it and make it punish others.  Why did God create Hell and the Devil if he is all-loving?"  These are valid questions that many people ask.  Bus Stop Bible Studies will endeavor to provide  answers from a Biblical perspective to 'meaningful' questions and post these responses.

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  • Questions that include coarse language are automatically rejected and are not read.
  • Public comments and responses to questions are invited providing they have a Biblical foundation, including contrary opinions providing they are supported by Scripture.  These responses may include short personal testimonies that are suitable for publishing.
  • Questions such as "Why did God create Hell?" would not be answered as the topic is already covered elsewhere on this site.
  • 'Significant questions' may be publicly displayed in future campaigns.

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