Occasional thoughts which we hope will both challenge and encourage you in your walk of faith. First, pointing to the One 'who saves' and second, to help strengthen the faith given to you by sharing our own thoughts and experiences of God's faithfulness.


Coming from an atheistic background it was easy to accept the concept of evolution.  Today it's taught not so much as a theory but as fact.  I would carry this belief system with me into my Christian life.

In 1986 I found God.  He was always there I just didn't recognize Him.  Having got my attention, I was introduced to the Person of his Son, Jesus Christ and thereby entered into a personal relationship with Almighty God.  It sounds unbelievable even as I write it.

Upon my confession of faith I believe I was given the spiritual gifts of faith and encouragement.  That is faith in God and His Word and the ability to encourage other followers of Christ in their faith (we live by faith, not by sight).  I would brag that, "If God said it - you can take it to the bank!"  Such was my confidence in the truth of God's Word.

This past weekend I was invited to a Creation Conference by a close friend.  I went there more to encourage my friend than for any real, personal interest.  But, it turned out to be a Divine appointment.  In the very first session of the conference the very foundation of my belief in the Holy Scriptures was challenged - by God himself.  David, either you believe all of my Word or don't bother with any of it.  You can't be selective in what you believe.

I had always been taught that the Creation account in Genesis was open to interpretation, but as the presenter talked (not about evolution or Creation specifically) rather about what the Bible said, and how the Bible said it, I was convicted of the error of my ways and the false understanding I would share with anyone who had the time to listen.

I remember when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour, that is 'born again', how the Words of Scripture came alive.  It was an amazing experience.  Well, I can say that this past Friday evening it was as if I was born again, again.  As I reread the Genesis account and the genealogy in 1 Chronicles, it was if my spirit was illumined. There was an inner peace and affirmation as I grasped the [old] Truth.

The next day the presenters (both former atheists and one a PhD in geology) explained the Creation account from a scientific perspective and the bad science on which evolutionary theory is founded.  We all know what Jesus said about the man who built his house on a weak foundation.  Their presentation factually explained what I had come to accept by faith the previous evening.   I had faith and knowledge.

Jesus reminds us of the First Commandment, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart [passion], with all your soul [faith] and with all your mind [knowledge].  Our faith is never to be blind - it must be steeped in knowledge so that when our faith is eventually challenged it holds firm because it is built on the foundational rock of knowledge.

(c) David Harrison 2015


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