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The following are a series of bilingual studies.  Any of the studies found on this website may be translated for bilingual presentation.

Bilingual-015-Can God forgive even me-Romans-3-22

Bilingual-024-Weary of life-Matthew-12-28

Bilingual-028-Finding Joy-Romans-4-7-8

Bilingual-038-Punk girl-John-3-16

Bilingual-046-Looking for God-Deuteronomy-4-29

Bilingual-048-Looking for God-Deuteronomy-28-9

Bilingual-050-I will never leave you-Joshua-1-5

Bilingual-061-Start your day with prayer-Philippians-4-6-7

Bilingual-066-The First Commandment-Deuteronomy-6-5

Bilingual-071-God keep our land-1 Chronicles-7-14

Bilingual-100-The opposite of love is not hate-John-3-16

Bilingual-115-Eternal Life-Mark-8-36


Bilingual-164-Worried-1 Peter-5-7

Bilingual-170-Truth is incontrovertible-John-14-6

Bilingual-172-The biggest BUT in the Bible-Romans-6-23

Bilingual-230-Your eticket the Heaven-Romans-10-9

Bilingual-233-Don't judge Christianity-John-14-27-29

Bilingual-282-Check Him out-John-14-6 - Bilingual

Bilingual-335-The door to Heaven-John-14-6

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