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The cost for advertising space varies by Transit Company.

Use the click here link to view individual City Price Categories.

Scroll down to find your local transit company.   They are listed by Province, then by City/Town and then by Zone.

Choose the Price Category that is associated with your City/Town.

Note: You will need to identify the City/Town (and Zone if applicable) where the Studies are to be posted in the Comments Section of the Checkout page.

See FAQ page for additional information.

Standard Interior panels – measure 35” x 11” and are posted on bus interiors, streetcars and subway cars.

Super Interior panels – measure 70” x 11” and are posted on bus interiors, streetcars and subway cars. There is a limited selection of these panels and are best viewed without making a selection in Book or Topic.

Seventies – measure 70” x 21” and are posted on the backs of buses. Due to readability constraints not all studies are available in this format.

Kings – measure 139” x 30” and are posted on the sides of buses and streetcars. Presently only listed for the TTC (Toronto). For other transit companies please call for availability and pricing.

See FAQ page for additional information.

Two standard posting campaign lengths are available 16-weeks and 52-weeks. In addition to the ‘paid time’, bonus time is typically received (subject to availability).

16-weeks (paid) + 8-weeks (no-charge) bonus = 24-weeks total.

52-weeks (paid) + 12-weeks (no-charge) bonus = 64-weeks total.

See FAQ page for additional information.

If you are looking to see if there is a study with your favorite Scripture verse or passage, use the Select by Book and the click on View Studies. You can then scroll through the studies from that Book of the Bible.

If there are no Studies using the selected Book you will receive the message “Sorry, Product not found!” If you receive this message choose a different Book or you can select your studies by Topic.

If you would like to have a study created using a specific verse or passage of Scripture please call.

See FAQ page for additional information.

All studies have been categorized into 13 different Topic groupings.  Most studies will appear in more than just a single Topic.


If you would like to have a study created to address a specific topic, with a relevant Scripture, please call.

See FAQ page for additional information.

Once you have compiled your sponsorship order simply proceed to the CHECKOUT page and fill in the pertinent information.

Under Payment Options you will find three options:

Payment by Visa or MasterCard which are processed through Moneris secure banking site. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Payment by American Express or Discovery Card, submit your order and then make a donation through CanadaHelps on the Donation page of this website, referencing your sponsorship order.

Payment by cheque or Money Order, submit your order and then mail your cheque or Money Order, referencing your sponsorship order, to Bus Stop Bible Studies, 364-1920 Ellesmere Road, Scarborough, ON M1H 3G1

Tax receipts are issued for all sponsorship amounts.

The most frequently asked question is, “Can I have my sponsored panels posted on a specific bus route?” The short answer is, “No.” but you can choose a specific Zone.

Typically buses run out of a transit garage which services a specific Zone. Larger transit companies, such as in Toronto, Montreal or Calgary, may have as many as 12-zones with a couple of hundred buses in each Zone. Individual buses are not dedicated to serving specific routes but they do stay within specific Zones. Smaller transit companies typically have only a single Zone.

For more information please visit the Transit Company Information section of this website.

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To view City Price Categories click here.

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